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What's Going On In Los Angeles In New York 

It's hard to know what's shooting where - and finding it is always a challenge.  Here's a list of television shows and films which are being produced in New York and/or Los Angeles.  You'll also find info here on the casting for these shows.

Television Shows That Are Produced In Los Angeles
These are the shows that are produced in Los Angeles

Television Shows That Are Produced in New York
These shows are produced in New York.

Films In Preparation in Los Angeles
These are the films which are currently in pre-production.  Updated monthly.

Agents in Los Angeles
A list of both SAG signatory and non-signatory agencies in Los Angeles.

Theaters in Los Angeles
There are hundreds of local theaters in the Los Angeles area. This is as comprehensive a list as we know of. Also, if the theater has a web site, we've linked to it.

A list of the publications that you need to know about as a career-minded actor.  Also, a link to the web site. For some of them, we've even provided the ability to subscribe through our partner Amazon.com.

The business of acting means that you'll have a support team.  This section features a list of the organizations that are core to the career minded actor in Los Angeles. From SAG to AFTRA and a few you've probably never even heard of before, these are the organizations that are here to help your acting career.

List of Television Production Companies
A list of television production companies in LA


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